Intranet Site Concept

These concepts were created in Photoshop, to show the screen layout and the menu system. The final site would have been built in flash, but unfortunately the project didn’t get past the concept stage.

The screen layout consisted of a large background image and a menu system that expanded from left to right. At anytime the menu could be hidden to see the image. Below are a couple of sample screen layouts.



Giorgio-Art: Design & Build

For this artist’s website, I wanted a design that really complemented the artwork. All the initial art working was produced using Photoshop. I decided to try and steer clear of a Flash site, and built the whole site in HTML using Dreamweaver. This site is still in progress as the only the Canvas section of the Artwork has been fully implemented.

The other pieces of artwork are displayed when the user rolls over the square grid in the lower right of the frame.

Please visit the site to see how this works:

Sandford: CDRom Interactive Sales Tool

Whilst freelancing for the design agency, Design Directions, I worked on an interactive sales tool for Sandford, which also doubled as a leave behind for customers, carrying a fully interactive interface to their 3000 product range, point of sale items, descriptions, and a full database. I was solely in charge of the development of the entire project using Flash. I was responsible for the interface, artworking, animation, and the actionscript for the navigation. The product contained sections for Rotring, Parker, Papermate, and Waterman. Each section used the branding particular to that family of pen, and the animations also reflected the pen’s inking type.


To see a demo of this product please click the following link. Please note some of the functionality is restricted in this demo.  >DEMO

The screenshots below show the four different section styles.





Glenn Howells Architects Direct Mail: Christmas 2008

This emailer was used instead of sending out Christmas cards and the saved money was given to charity. The HTML for the main body email was produced using Dreamweaver.

Once clicked a browser window opened and a flash movie loaded displaying an advent calendar. You can see this by click the following link:

If you don’t have flash installed here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of how the calendar worked.


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