Vismed Logo

Whilst working for a medical agency, I was tasked with creating a new logo, as the current logo was over 10 years old, and hence needed a refresh.

Here is the final design in colour.




And here is the black & white version.




This is a logo developed for a private client. The image below is the final developed logo, created using 3D Max for the render, and then Photoshop for the final composition with the bubbles, highlights and shadow.


I also did a quick test to show the client how an animated version might work for the web or tv. The effect was produced using Combustion to render the bubbles as particles using a mask as defectors for the particle motion. Please note that as this was a quick test the bubble motion isn’t yet looping.

[wpvideo DnQ2OEFH w=320]


Here are the initial concepts, before the chosen version was worked up to a 3D version.