Upside Down Drawing

Having read the book ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ by Betty Edwards, I tried one of her set exercises. This involved reproducing the famous Picasso drawing of Igor Stravinsky. The image you copy is upside down and you draw your copy upside down, and don’t turn it around until you finish. This encourages you to see shapes and lines instead of interpreting these shapes as objects ie. face, hands etc.

Here is my result after 20 minutes (hand drawn sketch on paper)


Here is the original by Picasso.

Sandford: CDRom Interactive Sales Tool

Whilst freelancing for the design agency, Design Directions, I worked on an interactive sales tool for Sandford, which also doubled as a leave behind for customers, carrying a fully interactive interface to their 3000 product range, point of sale items, descriptions, and a full database. I was solely in charge of the development of the entire project using Flash. I was responsible for the interface, artworking, animation, and the actionscript for the navigation. The product contained sections for Rotring, Parker, Papermate, and Waterman. Each section used the branding particular to that family of pen, and the animations also reflected the pen’s inking type.


To see a demo of this product please click the following link. Please note some of the functionality is restricted in this demo.  >DEMO

The screenshots below show the four different section styles.