321 Bradford Street

321, originally uploaded by marco_uccellini.

Last week I was asked to photograph the outside of the office where I work, complete with christmas trees that appear to grow through the ceiling, as a possible Christmas E-Card.

I had spent the last few weeks looking at the HDR photographs on Flickr and felt inspired to try HDR.

So here is the result of my first night time HDR.

I would like to thank Brendan Dekora for his post on night time HDR.


Intranet Site Concept

These concepts were created in Photoshop, to show the screen layout and the menu system. The final site would have been built in flash, but unfortunately the project didn’t get past the concept stage.

The screen layout consisted of a large background image and a menu system that expanded from left to right. At anytime the menu could be hidden to see the image. Below are a couple of sample screen layouts.